Hull Graphic Design LLC

It ends with results. It starts with design.

Design-driven companies succeed. They retain the best talent and outperform the competition in revenue growth. They attract more customers because great design translates into great content, leading to better customer experiences.

Design can elevate your brand, and your bottom line.

Brochures & Catalogs

Brochures & Catalogs

Design is collaborative and evolutionary. Truly great design doesn’t happen in a vacuum. HGD will create engaging communications that deliver consistent messages and enduring customer experiences.

Promotion & Identity

Promotion & Identity

It’s true, you can only make one first impression. So make it a good one! Start with your business identity and  promotional materials. Embrace and employ elegant design from the beginning and reap the rewards.

Publications & Education

Publicatins & Education

Design affects our decisions every day. It’s no longer considered an artistic endeavor. Design helps your company stand out in a crowded marketplace. HGD will help your content really connect with your audience.

Websites & Digital Marketing

Website Design & Development

Design makes the experience. In this digital era we make it easy for you with a complete online marketing solution and professional Internet presence assisted by a full Customer Care team at an 800-number 24/7.

Praise from our clients

I’ve worked with Ginny for many years (while working for three separate companies). Ginny is far above average in terms of her talent, intelligence, and creativity. She is also intensely deadline-focused and always comes through in a pinch.


—Ellen Rosen, Executive Editor
McKinsey Healthcare Systems and Services Practice

HGD, thank you sooooooo much for your endless support in all of our special projects and publishing work. You are our go-to design firm for sure. We always feel confident and positive about our project outcomes and our clients always love your designs! You solve problems quickly and never miss a deadline. You are amazing.


—Meg Benson, Director, Custom Projects

UBM MEDICA, a division of UBM Life Sciences

I have know Ginny Hull for many years and worked closely with her in several capacities from the time she was an art director for a major publishing company through the founding and successful development of her own company, Hull Graphic Design (HGD). What is always apparent when working with Ginny is her creativity, her attention to detail, and her dedication to ‘getting it right.’ Most recently HGD worked with me to develop a new website. Throughout the process, Ginny was available, knowledgeable and innovative in the solving of problems that helped me achieve the goals I established for this project. I believe HGD has the expertise and talent to make your communication project a success too.

—William B. Westwood, MS, Board Certified Medical Illustrator
Westwood Medical Communications, Albany, NY

Dedicated, professional, efficient…HGD is the ideal partner in my world of high-intensity media/publishing project management. HGD is always available, very knowledgeable, and willing to communicate and work tirelessly to help reach desired goals of clients. I look forward to many more years of utilizing their graphic design expertise.


—Tiffany Thompson, Project Manager

UBM MEDICA, a division of UBM Life Sciences

Ginny guided me clearly in the creation of my website (, offering excellent advice on organizing my photos and text, and optimizing to specifically reach potential clients. I appreciated her patience and perseverance throughout the process.


—Steve O’Brien, Metal Fabricator
StudiO’B, Custom Metal Concepts Realized

What a pleasure it was to work on a project with a professional who has such superior design sense and so exemplary a work ethic—a combination that is difficult to find these days. Efficient, high quality work from start to finish. I very much look forward to working with Hull Graphic Design again, and soon.


Clouds of Old Naples


—Susan Forrest Castle, Writer/Editor

The home page that you created for my website is a stunningly beautiful work of art. It is intricate and feminine which reflects the jewelry collection I have created. I knew when we first began to discuss the project, that you had a head for organization like no one else...and, a fabulous sense of design. I explained the fleur de lis I wanted and you very quickly created one that was just right. The many logos you designed for me to choose from were all great choices. You rescued my hundreds of photographs and corrected my poor exposures. You also handled my ‘lost in the woods’ knowledge of the computer so thoughtfully! It was truly a great pleasure to have you design the website, Ginny. I always recommend you to friends and colleagues. I look forward to working with Hull Graphic Design in the future. Your website creations are perfection!

—Cynthia Cobb, Jewelry Designer
Gigi Benjamin Jewelry