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We put all of the technology necessary to develop a high-end Internet presence at your fingertips. It is all web-based, and that means no software to download, install, update, and renew each year. More importantly, we don’t just provide you with a solution to build a cutting-edge website, we also provide the tools and support you need to market it!

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Digital Marketing Services

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  Social Media Management

  Online Reputation Management

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Our Digital Marketing Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Business


5 Reasons Why HGD and maWebCenters (MAWC) Are Partners



The maWebCenters® solution provides high-quality, eCommerce-ready websites to small- and medium-size businesses who want to market themselves in the growing online marketplace. We provide our customers with a comprehensive set of tools to achieve their online objectives and make a website work for them. Best of all, our platform offers a complete online marketing system that requires no complicated technical knowledge.



Website management can be overwhelming! The maWebCenters® solution centralizes management of your online presence, it’s all in one administrative area, no complicated user interfaces. A business owner or designated manager can easily maintain website content, utilize the power of social media sites, optimize the site for enhanced search engine rankings, conduct email marketing campaigns, sell products and services using eCommerce, and engage in customer relationship management.



Once your business website is launched, you are NOT on your own. Our award-winning Customer Care team will continue to support your website and answer any questions you may have. Customer Care is included with the maWebCenters® solution. There is no need to hire a web designer or consultant to maintain your site, thus saving you money. You’ll receive a full set of tools to update and maintain your site, and maWebCenters® will provide unlimited support related to using the tools.


maWebCenters® is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology. Unlike other companies, maWebCenters® does not charge customers extra when upgrades and improvements to the system are released. And we give businesses the chance to reach the growing number of users going online and purchasing products with smartphones and tablets by offering responsive websites.



maWebCenters® considers relationships with its customers to be a partnership with their business. By continuing to improve our technology and providing outstanding Customer Care support, we demonstrate our commitment to re-earning a customer's business every month.